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In some cases, poor circulation leads to the appearance of aneurysms, the rupture of which reduces the likelihood of a favorable outcome for the patient.

It may also develop due to the toxic effects of antibiotics or contrast agents used for diagnosis. Rheumatic diseases.

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Systemic spread of infection leads to damage to the musculoskeletal system. Pathologies of the spleen. Pathologies of cyclobenzaprine pills - pneumonia, pulmonary hypertension, abscess. If primary symptoms of illness appear, the patient can consult a therapist. The doctor will send him for additional examinations, and after the results - to a more specialized specialist. Infective endocarditis is treated by a cardiologist and, if necessary, a cardiac surgeon.

Diagnosis of the disease is carried out comprehensively. After making a preliminary diagnosis, the doctor refers the patient for additional studies. Diagnosis begins with collecting anamnesis and evaluating complaints. It should be taken into account that the clinical picture appears approximately 2 weeks after infection. The patient can talk about the general manifestations of intoxication, as well as the subjective sensations that appear due to heart failure. The specialist may notice peripheral manifestations - petechiae, spots, nodules, joint changes.

After consulting a specialist, the patient must undergo laboratory tests. Blood tests usually reveal leukocytosis, anemia and elevated ESR. Bacteriological blood culture is also carried out to identify the pathogen. Some patients experience an increase in rheumatoid factor. If the urinary system is affected, protein and signs of flexeril 15mg online may be found in the urine. Instrumental diagnostics make it possible to make a definitive diagnosis. The cardiogram plays a key role, but can be supplemented by MRI and other methods.

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During a physical examination, the doctor reveals pallor of the skin, loss of body weight, and changes in the phalanges of the fingers. During the consultation, a specialist can conduct a test, the results of which reveal the degree of capillary fragility. Percussion of the heart allows you to identify the localization of the lesion, and auscultation - the presence of organ dysfunction. The patient may also be prescribed Doppler ultrasound to assess the condition of the blood vessels and circulatory system. Infective endocarditis is often accompanied by thromboembolic complications. With the timely detection of such pathology, it is possible to prevent a heart attack of the affected organs in time.

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The basic principles of treatment of infective endocarditis are as follows. The patient must be hospitalized even if the disease is suspected or there is only a preliminary diagnosis. Antibacterial therapy involves the use of antimicrobial drugs in maximum doses. The duration of treatment for the disease is usually several weeks. Treatment must be supplemented with detoxification agents, vitamins, and protein compounds. The blood must be tested to buy cyclobenzaprine online the pathogen and the correct choice of drug for treatment. However, antibiotic therapy is usually started before culture results are available.

Pending the results of bacterial culture, the patient is prescribed vancomycin plus third-generation cephalosparins. After identifying a specific pathogen and determining its sensitivity to drugs, therapy can be adjusted. The duration is at least 4 weeks, during which the main drugs are administered intravenously. Self-treatment for infective endocarditis is strictly unacceptable, since the patient must be hospitalized in a hospital. Indications for surgical treatment are: presence of heart failure manifestation of uncontrolled infection persistence of fever during antibiotic therapy identification of a multidrug-resistant pathogen or fungal etiology of endocarditis prevention of embolism. Endocarditis is considered cured if the patient's stable condition and normal laboratory values remain for 2 months after discontinuation of antibiotics.

Proper treatment and full recovery after completion of therapy provides a 70% chance of survival over the next five years. The remaining percentage remains, since health problems can be caused by complications of endocarditis.

Lack of treatment or incorrect prescription of antibiotics leads to the death of the patient.

The following factors increase the likelihood of an unfavorable outcome.

the patient's advanced age, the presence of diabetes mellitus and severe concomitant pathologies - kidney disease, lung disease, heart failure, the appearance of complications of endocarditis, complex strains of pathogens, endocarditis of the prosthetic valve, large vegetation.

Prevention consists of preventing infection, maintaining oral hygiene, timely treatment of congenital heart defects, and eliminating drug addiction.

In some cases, cardiologists may prescribe antibiotic prophylaxis for certain groups of patients.

Infective endocarditis is a dangerous disease that requires urgent hospital treatment.

The first symptoms are a laymanare typical and can be regarded by the patient as a normal respiratory disease.

It is recommended to be attentive to your health, not to self-medicate, and to consult a doctor if your health worsens and your body temperature rises.

Only timely treatment will help avoid serious complications and save the patient’s life.

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Infectious endocarditis is an infectious (that is, arising as a result of the introduction and reproduction in the human body of pathogenic, that is, disease-causing microorganisms) damage to the endocardium (the inner lining of the heart) and valves by various pathogens. The incidence rate of infective endocarditis ranges from 3 to 10 people per 100,000 population in different countries. Men get sick twice as often as women.